Spiritualities, once stripped of dogma, become potent mental, emotional and body techniques. Combined to empirical and academic mindsets, they constitute my proposal for contemporary awakening which, applied to love partnerships, with the intention to contribute to alleviating affective addiction and co-dependancy, constitutes the purpose of my blog.

As far back as I can remember, I had set my goal on finding how to feel peacefully high on life everyday. Unaware at first that many before me had made the attempt, I set myself to it as soon as kindergarden by observing and listening around me, by testing and experimenting. By the time I was fifteen, tough, I had met so many people which I had let convince me or prove me that life could not be lived this way, that I went into the constrasting experience of feeling very low all the time : that, only to find true and sustainable ways to my initial inspiration of maximum peace and excitement !

I share some of these ways here, out of my experience, as a patient and student then a practitioner (although ever a student). I cumulate three stances : I stand, as a researcher in Humanities, a therapy practitioner and as a “sister”.

Love relationships, with others and with ourselves, are one the best ways to evolve because attraction is one of the strongest incentives ! The mirror effect between “love with others” and “love within” are a running thread of these posts.

The kind of love we are talking about is not a romantic emotion. Rather, it is mindset, even a lifestyle.

Our controling tendencies literally eat us up alive ! They stem from fears and perceptions of lack and separation. There are ways to expedite habits and beliefs that do not serve your most “undisclosable” dreams (undisclosable because deemed unsophisticated enough to be socially interesting in most circles – such as happiness, inner peace, shit loads of money, unbelievable sex). Let’s get serious and discuss effective and elegant ways to become the best version of yourself rather than to go on repeting the same old same old ..which often runs like “how much you suck because others make you”.

Just like radio frequencies you can tune into from a radio set, every state of mind and being you are yearning for is available to anyone to tap in from within. That is my stance. Wanna try and allow them in your everyday life ?

Awakening is a moment in a lifetime to allow connections with energy and emotional streams you choose and prefer … in order to allow the softer&stronger, more intuitive&pragmatic, successful&compassionate parts of you to take over.

In these pages, I will do my best to share quick and simple ways to let alignment to these best-feeling state happen. The fuel to this practice is to take full responsibility for what happens in your life as a projection of inner scenarios… if this news can bring you down for a few minutes, the practice of exercices I offer will bring you quickly to the place of personal power where this truth is in fact awesone news.

AWAKENING has different understandings across the board. For a sociologist who does not stand in the shoes of a spiritual initiate (Spinoza, Bergson, Plotin, Edgar Morin, René Barbier), it is a higher state of conciousness and awareness.

Get going with whatever hint attracts you in these pages, whatever resonates & See the outcomes for yourself ! Practice with me if you recognize this is facilitation you need extensively : I offer personal and group sessions. And support this blog if you feel good about it:  Donate here 🙂




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