Stripped of dogma, spiritualities become mental, emotional and body “techniques”. Their potency does not suffer from rationality, au contraire ! Combined to empirical and academic inquiry know-hows, they constitute my proposal for contemporary awakening which, applied to love partnerships, with the intention to contribute to alleviating affective addiction and co-dependancy, constitutes the purpose of my blog.

I recently chose to endorse the twin flame label in this blog because of my conviction that its reason for existence dwells on the urgency to overcome affective addictions.

The attraction we feel to people is in proportion to the necessity to get out of emotional love states and leap into other ways to experience romantic connexions.

Empirical experiencing of techniques I have been sharing here, as a the social researcher I am would have with any other theory or concept, have lead me to know that cognitive exercises created out of spiritual techniques have a great impact of the quality of relationships.

Heart-felt authenticity is neither about being nice nor blame placing and less about making others change their mind. There is no pattern of behavior to interpret out of an authentic self life choices. Just stay in your shoes until you fill them in.


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