The science of beliefs for me is not about listing them and explaining how they function, how they are formed by an array of cultural, national, family and personal influences.

Rather, it is about evaluating them (against the bliss and empowerment we get from them) and adapting them to these personal feelings. Meaning, if a belief does not produce the feeling that you want (bliss, empowerment, inner peace, sense of connexion, etc.) then change it.

Here is how scientific inquiry into beliefs works : if imagination is the end result of your imagination (my blog post on this) then we can use details of our realities and circumstances to ask ourselves : what is it that I must be believing for this to happen to me ?

It seems backward to your mind. But just try a few times. Be empirical about it.

For instance : for the Xth time, you are told that you are such, such and such. Hurt, triggered, your mind is most likely going into victim mode : “why me ? they are jerks, they don’t like me so I don’t like them. But that is not who I am”. Etc. Rather, ask yourself whether the fact that you can be said these things is only because they are possible for you to imagine and believe.

In the end, your life is what you say it is. Not the other way around. Try that. Change your beliefs about your life and look at your life changing !

Hope this helps ——————————————————————–End of transmission—-







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