Our capacity to love others depends on our capacity to love all parts of ourselves. The parts of us that we have grown up believing that they are “bad”must be our focus. Blatant flaws can include lying, manipulating, hiding, diverting from responsabilities, addictions, etc. Whatever this is, starting from now, just LOVE THEM ALL !

But sometimes, the shadow sides can be aspects of you that could not be praised within a specific family or national culture, but reveals themselves to be powerful gifts : creativity, such as being a painter or a musician, is sometimes not valued in an intellectual or blue collar family. The same way, sports abilities are sometimes not praised for some reason that you do not need to unveil. So there might be stirring in you creativities or abilities that you do not value or even consider or see, that could not endorse without shame or guilt… and even if you are on some level “meant” to practice it and give your gifts to the world. What a waste !

So love everything that arises in you. Even the part of you that is right now telling you that what you see in you is shit and worthless or uninsteresting, love that ! Once loved and acknowledged, this part of you will not want to control your decision about what is “good” or “bad’ within you.

Each and every single part of you, even those you judge as being ugly, have had reasons to exist througout your life : they have helped you deal, cope, survive difficult situations. For that, they expect your acknowledgement, as small children would, sometimes with tyrany … but if you give them what they need, they will let you be.

So give gratitude to the addict in you, to the egotic, violent, victime-complaining, food binger, judgmental, to the lyer in you, to the dishonnest, gold digger, pornographic parts of you, love them – love them.

Repeat until you feel them repleted and therefore much more discreet in you everyday life.


Thank you —-End of transmission ———–





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