Most of us were told to ignore emotions and solve them with reason. The few who were motivated to pay attention to emotions were rarely told how to do it efficiently.

As a result, most of us rarely feel comfortable with our feelings nor know ways to come to term with hurtful or uneasy ones. So we stay stuck with them, looping. Sometimes for years.

One wave of emotions truly felt only lasts from a few seconds to a few hours, top.

One easy and efficient way is to close your eyes, use your imagination when you feel in order to transpose feelings into forms and colors and movements inside and around you.

Slow and soft pastel yellow swirls or halos can appear in your imagination as feelings of lightness and confident belonging (safe friendship, accomplishment, etc.) … while electric, quick, spiky red balls or sticks or flames can suggest emotions closer to excitement from powerful expansive joy to anger.

Of course there is no set rules, only yours will apply.

Repeat this any time your jaws, chest, head get stiff. When anger, resentment obsess you. When you want to feel and share joy and excitment.


Thank you for your attention ———–End of transmission————-

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