Some people are easy to love. Others, much less, whatever the reason.

In any case, you do not need anyone’s permission to love, even if the person does not reciprocate or if the person walked out of your life : a love interest who does not feel the same way as you, an ex-partner who has moved on, a close family member whose victim/savior/persecutor tendancies renders it difficult to associate with, a deceased close friend, your child who does not seem to enjoy your company, long-distance relationships, etc.

So, out of pain, you might decide and try to love them less or even to stop loving them.

But stopping you from loving them is in the end the most painful option. It may even feel “unfair” to your heart, hence the pain.

So let yourself love this person from afar. You do not need them to agree to your love or reciprocate it. The most important for you is to keep it quick and light. Loving from afar has nothing to do with ruminating feelings of lack or acting as a codependent friend or lover or child.

>>> Feeling your love for them has nothing to do with clinging ! “Send” love whenever, then let go until next time you feel like doing it. The more spontaneous the best. Keep it short and as strong as you feel it.

Feeling free to love whomever you wish feels good !! Withholding love, however, does not.

Keep it quick, nice and simple for you to feel your love for them when it shows up. Your face might even relax into a smile.

Repeat anytime you feel like it.

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