Have you too being told that money does not grow on trees ?

Guess what ? … Well, it does !

It does when you spot all blocking beliefs of “lack”, and countless they are ! Most of them we have let our family, friends and partners convince us …

NOW Invent a new story line for yourself. Dream it like you would live it : touch, smell, hear, see how it is unfolding for you … and NEVER ever compare it to plain reality for now, the “how it really is” plane of things.

You  can build up the freedom and thrill out of it. Feel like it is already here and encapsulate/cultivate the sheer joy and excitement. Keep the feeling of ease and wealth alive in you, rather than forcing it, surrender to it. And take note of little voices or feelings (anguish can be one) that ruin the trip : love that and let it go.

Then get back to dreaming. Repeat as needed until beliefs seem back in alignment with your righteous material and financial abundance. Anything that demotivates you on the path is a belief that you need to reverse to your advantage, just in the way it is phrased:

All I need and desire always comes to me in time

And it is fun figuring out

How to let that happen


Hope this helps——————End of transmission——————–

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