Contemporary Lifestyle through Awakening. by Mû


Ease up into an allowing lifestyle!

I am Stéphanie Mû, I have experienced extreme transformation of mood and material circumstances after starting gaining awareness on my bonding traumas, addictions, and PTSD.

Since then, it is my pleasure to help others turn obstacles into jewels with the same method.

I have learned that this is not about frontally aiming at a success and have made peace of mind my lifestyle.

Now I get a kick out of helping others do the same!

I am a 3rd generation energy practitioner and self-healing facilitator, former social scientist, Happiness Consultant for vison-driven professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

What do I mean by contemporary awakening? Spiritualities, once stripped of dogma, become potent mental, emotional and body techniques. Combined to empirical and academic mindsets, they constitute my proposal for contemporary awakening. When applied to any partnership, my clients report alleviation of emotional addictions and enhancement of gifts & talents.

Encapsulated Healing

What are the posts made of? After weeks, months and sometimes years of mental, emotional and healing work, or practicing ways to shift my points of view, I deliver here a 3minute synthesis for you to use. I present here aspects of many bodies of knowledge, all mixed together by my daily needs and desires.

The purpose of these posts? Enable those of you who are looking for better relationships and success to incorporate freeing ways of living, in an encapsulated format for adjusted effort and time. `

But don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of these posts!

And only take what resonates in these pages! If you don’t resonate at all, do not lose another minute of your time and find your own good stuff where it is waiting for you …

I am highly perceptual 3rd generation healer and was also trained as a practitioner of scientific inquiries. I place my combined mastery of pragmatic & subtle information in service to your clarity and desired results.

You are feeling stuck in the same old patterns? I am your catalyst!

Here to help you activate major life changes.

You are supported into your optimal transformational space where you create the future you deserve and start to enjoy life again!

Talk to me!

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N.B.: Numerous academic and spiritual teachings combined amount to what you can read in these posts. Thanks and credits to all of them!